Die Stadtmauer von Kirchheimbolanden, der "Kleinen Residenz"

Kirchheimbolanden is an open and future-oriented city loacted in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate and comes along with a great tradition and many restaurants and cultural events. In 774 Kirchheimbolanden has first been mentioned in a document and in 1368 has been granted municipal right of a city. The city is to the present day characteried by the town walld and the baroque buildings. Mozart tarried in Kirchheimboladen for a few days in 1778 and gave a  few concerts on the Stumm-Organ in St. Pauls church. There are many possibilities to spend your leisure time in the "Kleinen Residenz" (nickname for Kirchheimbolanden). But one could aswell visit the surrounding municipalities as they offer a lot of different sights and events.