"After an odyssee of 30 years the spraybanana of the artist Thomas Baumgärtel has finally made its way onto the house façade of a true banana expert, the founder of the hotel, Mr. Hans Karl Braun. In the 1960s he has been working in banana growing and export for 9 years in Ecuador and Central America before returning to the "Kleine Residenz" in 1978. 

In 2009 the second generation, in form of his son Martin Braun, took over as  manager and owner of the hotel. The circle is complete, the banana has grown up. One could say that it has found its home in Kirchheimbolanden. The trademark has been transformed to a symbol of the lifelong achievement of a person." -Dr. Lydia Thorn Wickert (thornconcept.)

Gesine Kikol

In Gesine Kikol new works one feels, as so often, transported to another world, which appears at first sight different from the second. Always resonates at all gloom and irony, a potency with which forces the viewer into the picture and in a sense of comfort or touch.

Thomas Baumgärtel

All banana, or what? Thomas Baumgärtel is the most famous sprayer Germany, a "mysterious art rebel who Robin Hood of the Zeitgeist" (Bayerischer Rundfunk).

Detlof Graf von Borries

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